Oregon Manifest

Sep 27, 2011 - Oct 29, 2011


Free for Museum members; $4 general admission. Photo: PDXCross


To build a bike is not an easy task.

Oregon Manifest tests a new crop of builders and designers with its second biennial bike design competition, the 2011 Constructor’s Design Challenge. This competition features 34 independent builders from 11 states plus six student teams battling to create the ultimate utility bicycle for the everyday cyclist. The crux of the contest is the Oregon Manifest Field Test, a rigorous road trial assessing the function of each bike in the contest.

After the competition, the winning Constructor’s Design Challenge and the three Creative Collaboration bikes will be displayed in the heart of the Portland art and design community: at the Museum of Contemporary Craft.

A First Thursday opening will be held October 6, 11 am–8 pm.

This year, the bike builders hail from 11 states, from Oregon to Vermont. They include early-generation custom frame builders such as Brian Baylis of Baylis Handmade Cycles, Andy Newlands of Strawberry, Stephen Bilenky of Bilenky Cycle Works, and Cielo by Chris King, plus a number of newer builders, including Ira Ryan Cycles, Hufnagel Cycles, Chapman Cycles and Boxer Bicycles. Also back for 2011 are nine of the 2009 winners, including the 2009 Constructor Design Challenge grand champion Tony Pereira of Pereira Cycles.

Adding to the innovation energy of this year’s Challenge are six teams of design school students. These student teams are working from the same design criteria as the 35 frame makers.

The 2011 student teams are: