RESISTANCE - Curated by Insa Evans

Nov 7 6:00 PM - Nov 10 3:00 PM


Place Interim Series Presents:


Curated by Insa Evans
Opening Reception and performances:
First Thursday, November 7th, 6-9PM

Nica Aquino | Katherine Kimmerle | Jason Le | Daniel Mackin | Carly Mandel | Justin Moore | Jennifer Rabin | Austin Turley | Shannon Willis

Curatorial Statement:
Resistance is the counterforce to change. It exists between the opposing forces of motion and friction, action and obstacle, desire and excuse. Resistance only rises when there is a conscious recognition that change is desired, imminent or necessary, though it does not appear when the motive of change is not present.

Resistance is not merely a political experience, but a part of the human experience. It appears in many forms and presents itself in many different ways. Whether personally through the process of breaking habits or getting out of comfort zones; or among the process of handling rejection or resisting reality through escapism. The urge to resist also surfaces when personal, physical and mental boundaries are limited in any form of imprisonment. Even when the right to resist is seized by systematic social structures, resistance will still emerge.

What occurs when one experiences a deeply rooted resistance to move through challenges that may allow for growth, fulfillment or ‘freedom’? What emotional and mental patterns arise? What strategies develop; avoidance, confrontation or something in between?

Curator Bio:
Insa Evans is a transdisciplinary artist and curator residing in Portland, Oregon. She was born in Germany, raised in South Florida and holds a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts from the Pacific Northwest College of Art. Insa is also a co-curator for April Meetings (Belgrade, Serbia 2014), parts of which will be shown in several other galleries and upcoming video festivals within Europe and Australia.
Interim Series is one of Place’s newest programs. We offer up our space a week before our newest shows to a class, a student curator, an innovative night of performance, or a special project.

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Hours: Thursday through Sunday, 12:00 to 6:00 pm
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