Open Studio Residency: Abi Spring

Jul 9 11:00 AM - Jul 13 6:00 PM


Daily workshops are $10 for the public, $8 to Members and students with ID.


Part open studio, part residency, part master class, Museum of Contemporary Craft (MoCC) has invited consummate makers of all types to temporarily relocate their studios to the Lab for week-long terms, July 8 through August 4. Resident artists will work from the Lab during daily open hours, 11am-6pm, connecting directly with the Museum’s audiences as they engage in their creative practice. In addition, artists will offer daily two-hour, drop-in workshops for visitors of all ages to have access the materials, processes, and concepts of various crafts. The intent of the Open Studio summer residency is to provide a public venue for the work that often happens behind the scenes in the artist studio. We believe that this residency provides a wonderful opportunity to share publicly all the starts, stops, challenges, and inspirations that happen as work is created. Furthermore, we hope to provide a space for direct and open dialogue between creative practitioners and the community around craft-based ideas, practices, and processes.

July 9 – 13, Abi Spring
Workshops daily, 1-3pm, the Lab at MoCC. Tickets first come first served, $10 for the public, $8 for Members and Students.

Abi Spring plans to use a common aspect of craft – repetition, and a traditional craft material - glass, to investigate meditative process and how the accumulation of marks in an object can result in an object that invites contemplation. Like the layers of glacial ice that hold records of atmospheric history, each layer in this piece will reveal a record of the day it was made. As part of a series of work that she will continue past the residency period, each day she will take a single piece of clear glass, and work to make regular repeating drip marks with white glass paint enamel in lines over the surface. In addition, she will have a piece of glass available daily for visitors to paint on with the same white enamels. Each day this panel will be replaced so that the visitors who are inclined to may add a row of drips or marks. At the end of the week this collaborative piece will be fired into one solid panel that will be presented as a monolithic record of the time period.

Thanks to Bullseye Glass and Uroboros Glass for their generous sponsorship of this program.

Spring holds degrees from the Australian National University, Canberra and Maine College of Art, Portland, and has exhibited in numerous galleries throughout Oregon and Washington. She is inspired by music, in the way tonal modulations, rhythms, harmonies, and patterns combine and function as a portal to another world. She wants to create the visual equivalent with her work in glass objects that function as triggers for emotional states that cannot be defined by language.