Leland Iron Works 2015 Residency Exhibition: Breaking Ground

Nov 5, 2015 - Nov 22, 2015


Free and open to the public Tuesday - Saturday 11am - 6pm


Located just east of Oregon City, Leland Iron Works is the home and studio of sculptor Lee Kelly and his family. Lee, who graduated from the Museum Art School in 1959 along with his wife Bonnie Bronson (’62) moved from North Portland to the rural property in 1963. They created a space close to nature that fostered the growth of their children and their art practices, and served as a sanctuary for their creative friends and colleagues. For years, Leland Iron Works has been home to artists, activists, musicians, writers, climbers, architects, poets, and dancers. The residency at Leland Iron Works is an expansion of that legacy.

PNCA is pleased to present an exhibition of works by the 2015 Leland Iron Works residents. This year’s resident artists were: Tracey Cockrell (Academic Dean), Anastasia Greer (Low-Res MFA VS ‘16), Lauren Stumpf (‘16 MFA VS), Rebecca Carlisle (’16 MFA VS), William Leetham (BFA ’15), Veronica Reeves (MFA VS ‘15), Alanna Risse (MFA LRVS ’15), and Carolyn-Ann Hopkins. Also included in this exhibit is the work of our summer interns Annie Aube (MFA ACD ‘16) and Justin Vois (BFA ‘17).

Spending time at Leland Iron Works is an exercise in removing oneself from the practices, structure and facilities the art institution provides and from the immediate feedback loop now standard in contemporary life. The studio practice is stripped away to art materials that can be transported easily, and to what can be found onsite. Within these boundaries the artists become resourceful and innovative in their work. Part homestay, part solo excursion into the proverbial wilderness, Leland Iron Works provides an altered reality connected to but apart from the institution and city life.

Each of these artists was interested in exploring the history, solitude and material life of Leland Iron Works. Each participant stepped beyond the borders of their regular studio practice and experimented with new materials and processes. Many of the residents were surprised by the profound quiet of the landscape; without a constant influx of information they were delighted when the initial transition to solitude gave way to hours of observation, tranquility and concentrated work. Immersed in the built environment of Leland Iron Works; the converted farm buildings and the forests and gardens dotted with years of accrued sculpture, the residents became imprinted with a deeper understanding of a life of creative practice. The impact of the residential experience, the influence and impressions, is revealed, in varying degrees, in the work contained within this exhibition.

With a generous grant from the Ford Family Foundation and with the continued support of the Kelly family and PNCA, Leland Iron Works will continue to provide this space and time for emerging and established artists for years to come. This grant will enable greater support for the resident artists, attract visiting artist to campus, and strengthen and expand the PNCA community.

Image: Anastasia Greer studio view