Found in Translation: Curated by Stephanie Brachmann & Mario Gallucci

Mar 6 6:00 PM - Mar 28 9:00 PM


Allied Works

The Lodge Gallery


1532 SW Morrison St.
Portland, OR, 97205   [map]

Found in Translation is a group exhibition making use of a process similar to a game of Telephone or Exquisite Corpse. An object is made and passed chronologically amongst participants whom then make a work in reaction to the one they receive, being sure to maintain a clear formal or conceptual connection to the previous piece. Each artist only sees the piece immediately preceding her or his own and gives their work to the next person for inspiration. This creates through-lines that become visible only after all the pieces have been placed side by side for the exhibition.

Artists (listed chronologically)
Matthew Leavitt
Veronica Reeves
Michael Horwitz
Stephanie Brachmann
Nick Patton
Leif J. Lee
Ilan Schraer
Josh Mahan
Mario Gallucci
John Dougherty